Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin

The old Turnstile at the Entrance to the Gardens, don't you love the wording on Victorian objects?

A Palm House!! My FAVOURITE places in all the world!!!

So much glass, lovely lines, the promise of steamy jungley plants...

The Rose Garden- spent ages reading all the labels and inspecting every type of rose here!

Did I make a note of the names of the roses I photographed? Did I heck! But it's very pretty...
Love Pelargoniums too, I'd have dozens given the chance, especially the tropical scented ones.

Arbutus trunk- don't know how old this specimin is, but it is quite amazing.

Yup! Steamy Jungle!

So Kew Gardens has a rival for my affections now...


  1. This looks like a lovely place! Those glass houses are spectacular.

  2. One of my favourite places in Dublin. I once got caught in a thunder & lightening storm in that very green house. It was spectacularly amazing though a little bit scary too.


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