Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Model Arts, Sligo

I took this a few weeks ago, but because the Building is something of a landmark here, I thought I would post it anyhow. This place was built as a Model School in 1862 and was used as such until the 1980s ,I think ,but then the Dept of Education gave it/ sold it(?) to the The Arts Council to be re-furbished and used as an Art Gallery. It is now known as The Model Arts.

Generations of Sligo's children did their primary schooling here, although in later years it was very run-down and blinkin' cold too! Mom used to knit us really thick school jerseys to keep us warm, and we wore tweed kilts. My sister once found a mouse in her coat pocket when she was looking for her gloves, and bats were regular participants in class! Imagine what parents of today's children would say to that?!

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